After months of languishing in congressional limbo, the Biden Administration rescinded David Chipman’s nomination to head the ATF. Gun Rights groups jumped to claim victory, and rightly so. David Chipman was a particularly divisive nominee, one with explicit biases. It was clear that given the position to head the ATF, he would do everything in his power to strip Americans of their 2nd amendment right to own a firearm.

The Anti-gun lobby responded with their usual callout of average American gun owners as a “vocal minority” (untrue). The corporate media printed headlines, declaring that Biden had suffered the most high-profile defeat of his presidency so far with David Chipman’s nomination.

Gun owners have reason to celebrate. But they should not get complacent. We have most certainly not seen the last of David Chipman. If Angus King and other moderate Democrats’ latest statements on the issue are anything to go by, we may have another ATF nominee from the Biden Admin coming shortly.

King said that he “unequivocally” wants to see a permanent head lead the agency.

Jon Tester of Montana also was quoted recently as saying there “absolutely” needs to be an ATF director.

Several other Democrats have also said they’d like to see the White House put forth another nominee.

On top of that, David Chipman will likely land a position in the White House. Biden may create a “Gun Czar” or “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” job for him.

Earlier this year, we saw a similar situation where Neera Tanden was nominated to become Biden’s budget director (a cabinet position). Still, hostile tweets directed at members of congress killed her nomination. After the dust settled, she landed a senior advisor position in the White House two months later.

Gun owners should expect to see a similar situation with Chipman. It’s unlikely that the Biden admin will just let this defeat go. Anti-gun activists are upset and will likely start to put pressure on Biden to bypass congress, create a position for David Chipman, and nominate another ATF director.

Expect Chipman to receive his appointment during a holiday, or when some major event has happened that captures media attention.

We could potentially see a situation where an associate of Chipman (someone less controversial) is nominated, and Chipman is given a position in the White House setting policy.

Sound crazy? I wouldn’t put it past the Biden Administration to find a way to get Chipman in position. Their gun control policies have been pulled from the David Chipman playbook, which you can read here:

Don’t forget, the goal of the Anti-Gun lobby is to disarm all American citizens. This is just a bump in the road for them, gun owners should continue to be vigilant and prepare for the battles to come.