7.62×39, which many may know as a standard Russian caliber, famously used by the AK47, will be much more expensive soon, along with many other Russian calibers. Here’s why.

In August 2021, the administration announced a ban on Russian ammunition imports, which accounts for almost 40% of ammunition in the US Market, according to importers.

Steph with TMGN gives some background on the Russian Ammo Ban: https://www.youtube.com/embed/94UWTYIqFmo

The reason behind the ban? An Aug. 20, 2020 Poisoning of a Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. Almost a full year later, the Biden admin (after failing to push gun control through the legislative process) decided to cut a significant supply of ammunition into the United States.

Although current imports that were approved before the ban’s passage will continue, no new import will be approved thanks to the Biden administration. So once those ammunition shipments are sold, there will be no restock.

To make matters worse, Russian ammo accounts for many of the more budget-friendly brands of ammo in the US Market. This import ban is, of course, an attempt to price gun owners out of being able to enjoy their 2nd amendment right.

This backdoor gun control has become all too common for Biden, who, even during his recent announcement of the new “ghost gun rule,” mentioned his “regulatory authority” in subverting Congress and governing via executive fiat.

Naturally, after the import ban was announced, prices for popular Russian calibers like 7.62×39, 5.45×39, and 7.62x54R shot up from their already high pandemic pricing. But, as current pre-approved imports continue, the price has come down slightly.

As of Apr. 8, 2022, the Biden admin has now raised a 32.3% duty on all imports from Russia and Belarus thanks to the aptly named “Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act,” or HR 7108 for short.

This duty increase was confirmed to TMGN by a representative of Barnaul Ammunition.

The 32.3% raise itself comes from HR 7108, making Russia & Belarus ineligible for the “most-favored-nation” tariff rates that the United States currently applies to imports from WTO member countries.

How does this affect Russian Ammo imports, you might ask? Well, because this new law applies to all current imports, we can expect the price to increase dramatically on all Russian ammo still on its way to the US Market.

Most components needed for ammunition production are trading at a much higher value than in years past. As supply tightens and prices increase through duties and taxes, we will see a significant increase in cost to the consumer. Additionally, this cost increase is compounded by the current commodities shock, supply chain issues, and more.

Hopefully, in the future, US companies will start to produce these calibers in larger quantities or find a friendly nation overseas to import from. As of right now, our advice is to grab this ammo while you can.