New to Shooting

New? That’s perfectly fine! First off, it’s fantastic that you’re interested in firearms, and we’d love to help you start on your journey.

Where to Start

First off, take a look at our range safety video to help you understand what to expect, and what our general range rules are.

From there, you’ll need to sign our safety waiver, which can be done online, or in store.

Safety Waiver

First Visit

For Your First Visit

After you’ve watched our safety briefing and filled out your electronic safety waiver, let us know that it’s your first time. Our staff will guide you through the different rental options that we have available, and make sure that you have everything you need to shoot safely and feel comfortable.

State Licensing

Thinking about buying your first handgun? Maryland requires a basic safety class and a permit known as the HQL. This is an excellent class for a new shooter.

Maryland HQL Class


Questions? We’re happy to help. Here are some of the most asked questions we encounter.

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Gun And Safety Equipment Rentals

Handgun Rentals


We have many of the most popular handguns on the market available for rent!

Long Gun Rentals

Long Guns

We have a large selection of long guns available for rent, from AR15s, to pistol caliber carbines, to even popular historical rifles.

Safety Equipment Rentals

Safety Equipment

We have eye & ear protection available for rent, and for sale.

Beginner Training Classes


Become a member today and enjoy all the member-only perks and benefits! Discounts available for all active and retired military, law enforcement and first responders.

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