So, you may be wondering, why the change?

It’s a bit complicated.

See, our mission at The Machine Gun Nest is to change the way people think about guns, one experience at a time. It’s more than a nice slogan for us. We do it every single day. By taking people who’ve never fired a gun before and helping them not just have a great time on the range, but to help them gain a new perspective on what firearms are. This way our customers can make up their own minds on firearms, instead of listening to the media, or what other individuals have to say. They can decide for themselves.

In short, we want to be that friend that took you shooting for your first time and got you hooked.

To accomplish this mission, we need to reach as many people as possible. There are a lot of minds to change out there.

Our old logo did not allow us to have the reach that we need. We found that having silhouettes of firearms in the logo, we were denied the ability to market on some of the most major platforms. Google, Facebook, etc. On top of that, the old logo has a lot going on in terms of shapes, colors, and angles making it a chore for graphic designers to put our logo onto apparel, or even onto patches or decals.

You might ask yourself, what does marketing & graphic design have to do with getting people to like firearms?

Well, in short – everything.

If we can’t reach everyone possible, we can’t really accomplish our mission of changing minds on firearms. This means having to play by the rules even when we don’t want to compromise with social media companies and big tech conglomerates. (Mark Zuckerberg, we’re looking at you.)

So, by changing our logo, we can solve a few things at once. We have a logo that’s cleaner, still represents us, and allows us to reach those who we were unable to reach before.

We’re proud of the change. We hope that you like it just as much as we do.