President Biden has signed a $1.5 Trillion spending bill that sends $13.6 Billion to Ukraine and funds the Government until September. The bill itself passed the Senate with a bipartisan 68-31 vote.

As we’ve reported before, the Biden administration’s only way to pass gun control at all is by backdoor means. So, of course, they’ve hidden gun control in a massive spending bill designed to fund the Government. Hidden within this 3000-page bill were two significant pieces of gun control.

But that’s only half of this shady gun control strategy. The second half is to wrap gun control into a bill that is difficult to vote against for fear of social stigma.

So, inside the omnibus bill is a previously failed act called VAWA, or the Violence Against Women’s Act. This act contains significant backdoor gun control that stands to harm gun owners. But you wouldn’t know that just by reading the title. The swamp creatures in the Senate took the opportunity to revive VAWA (which initially failed explicitly because of the gun control provisions), placing the gun control section 2207 pages into the overall bill itself.

VAWA contains two major changes to current law.

The first is titled the NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022. This act will require the criminal investigation of all denials on the National Instant Criminal-Background-Check System. For those unaware, the NICS system is used any time a sale occurs, and a firearm is transferred from a Federal Firearms Licensee (also known as an FFL) and an individual. This process happens thousands of times per day all over the country. It happens almost every time a legal gun sale takes place.

Here’s the thing, though, the NICS system isn’t perfect. It’s actually not even close to perfect. Many people experience never-ending delays or even flat-out denials because they have a common name, or the system confuses them for someone else entirely.

In fact, according to Gun Owners of America, the FBI itself admits that it’s often wrong on gun-related background check denials. GOA filed a FIOA request, and the FBI revealed that around “27.7 percent of NICS appeals received during the requested time period were overturned, and the firearm purchase/transfer were proceeded.” (proceeded is when the NICS check completes, the FFL is given a green “proceed” status)

Additionally, GOA mentions that according to claims from John Lott, a Second Amendment researcher and economist, 99 percent of NICS denials are false positives, Which means that most denied people are not actually prohibited from owning a firearm.

So, the fact that the Government is compelling law enforcement to act upon a system that produces so many false positives is insane. This change to the law treats people who simply want to purchase a firearm and are falsely denied as guilty until proven innocent.

To make matters worse, the act allows the Federal Government to deputize local police and attorneys to act on behalf of the ATF.

This deputization of local police is a massive overreach for the ATF. It’s also likely a direct response to the popular Second Amendment Sanctuary County movement, which composes about 62% of counties in the entire United States as of September 2021 and has continued to grow since. These counties have pledged not to enforce federal gun control laws.

This act is another example of anti-gun politicians using dirty tricks to pass unpopular legislation. Anti-Gun Politicians had brought VAWA itself before Congress in 2019, but many in Congress opposed it because they did not support the gun control portions of the bill itself. Who knew that it would eventually be resurrected and hidden into a 3000-page government spending bill.

This situation, of course, reflects another large problem in Government where a bloated, trillion-dollar spending bill is jammed through Congress at the last minute to avoid a government shutdown. Who knows what else is hidden in there.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to capture the headlines here in the United States, this massive spending bill will likely be overlooked by the corporate legacy media. It is ironic while the Ukrainians are being praisedfunded, and even given weapons in some cases. Meanwhile, regular Americans here in the United States are slowly having those same rights eroded bit by bit.