Wear &

Wear &

Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Class



Required Expirience / Education:

  • no prerequisites required

The Maryland CCW Class, also known as the Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Class is a State Mandated 16 Hour class taught by a Maryland Certified Qualified Handgun Instructor on handgun operation, safe storage, proper technique, concealment, Maryland law and more. Students are required to complete 16 hours of training including a short qualifying course of fire with a handgun.


Completion of the Wear and Carry Permit Class allows the student to then submit their application to Maryland State Police for review. Please keep in mind that Maryland State Police requires a “Good & Substantial Reason” to issue a Wear & Carry Permit to an individual. Some examples of G&S reasons are:

  • The individual is a Business Owner
  • Law Enforcement
  • The individual holds a Top-Secret Clearance from the Federal Govt.
  • Private Investigator
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Self Defense with documented police reports, threats, etc.
  • Armed Security
  • Transport Goods of Value (Cash Deposits, Controlled Substances, etc)