Hello everyone. After over a year, I wanted to give everyone a personal update on what has happened to The Machine Gun Nest regarding the court case against the ATF.

For those who may not know, the ATF unlawfully conducted a raid on our business a little over two years ago. During a day of normal operation during business hours, approximately 15 cars filled with agents descended upon the range. Simultaneously, 3 cars showed up to our owner Rob Krop’s real estate office where he conducts business, meets with clients, and where the agents on his real estate team conduct business as well. 

They stole from us several machine guns – machine guns we lawfully possessed, maintained proper paperwork on, and were approved by the ATF. For an entire year, we demanded the return of our property and demanded to know why such a raid was conducted. At the time, we had recently been through an 8-month audit where agents went through our records with a fine tooth comb. We have always been on great terms with any agents assigned to us, so we genuinely had no idea why that had happened. Throughout the following year of no response about returning our property, we instead received numerous trace requests regarding these firearms – trace requests containing the incorrect information. We reminded the ATF that they themselves, hopefully, still had the firearms and did not understand why they continued to call and demand trace requests on something they had seized from us.

A year later, we received an official indictment. The indictment accused us of being in a conspiracy with the Sheriff of our town to illegally obtain these firearms – firearms the ATF had approved. 

The ATF had again done what they have repeatedly and continuously lose in court for – creating rules. In January of 2023, the ATF had essentially bypassed Congress and the will of the people via our elected representatives by creating their own laws. While they do this often and lose in court often, their attempts of overloading typically affect millions of people and therefore garner the attention of the masses to fight against their plots in court. But this time, they had come after a small segment of the population – those who manufacture machine guns. Their made up rules affect the way legal dealers obtain machine guns made after 1986. Not only did they make up extensive rules, but they wanted to apply it to the past!

In a stunning victory, attorney Dan Cox representing Rob Krop of The Machine Gun Nest, defeated the tyrannical ATF. The ATF lied in a Grand Jury proceeding to bring forth the charges in the first place and continued to bungle their way throughout the entire process. They even stated in the open court room, “we have no evidence, but we have theories.”  The ATF is not interested in truth or enforcing existing law. The ATF is filled with agents looking to enact an agenda, who lie and cheat to punish law abiding citizens rather than to uphold what is good. Their very oaths to protect and serve in fact condemn them. They have failed to do their duty to the American public. Law enforcement is meant to enforce law and our elected officials are to create the laws. When unelected government bureaucrat overlords set out to create their own rules and inflict their will on the people, we have tyranny and it must be stopped.

We have a moral obligation to bring awareness to this issue and fight to uproot every last seed of tyranny. Who we vote for matters immensely. We must no longer be swayed by the sweet words and empty promises of snakes seeking to enrich their own lives under the guise of public service. We must vote for patriots who vow to preserve FREEDOM. We must understand that our 2nd Amendment right is about much more than self-defense. It is the underpinning and understanding that we are no better than anyone else. Tyranny can and has knocked at our door and has entered. We the people must always maintain the power.

Thank you for reading.

Stephanie Krop

Co-Owner, The Machine Gun Nest