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Why are we doing this? 

The simplest answer to this question is that Frederick doesn’t have an indoor shooting range and we believe that many people, like us, are tired of driving an hour away to get to an indoor range. Secondly, we’ve spent years collecting licenses and permits to buy and shoot some of the coolest guns available.

We realize that most people want to experience shooting a machine gun or their favorite gun from a movie, but don’t want to spend the money or time buying one. The Machine Gun Nest solves that. You’ll be able to choose a gun typically unavailable to civilians and learn the basics of its operation. And under the supervision of a trained range safety officer, you can experience shooting fully automatic, silenced, and belt-fed weapons. Additionally, our gun shop will allow buyers to “try before you buy” so you can be confident in your purchase.

Why Should You Care?

We are genuinely passionate about helping other people enjoy the sport of shooting. The Machine Gun Nest will provide a positive, safe, and low pressure environment for all shooters, especially those new to the sport. We look forward to helping everyone new to the sport become acquainted with the basics of firearm safety, operations, and marksmanship. We hope The Machine Gun nest will extend the values and positive experiences of a responsible firearm community.


We firmly believe that education, training, and exposure are key factors in decreasing the number of gun related incidents and gun violence across our country. With specialized skill based classes and personal instruction, The Machine Gun Nest will enlighten and equip people to be responsible gun owners.


The Machine Gun Nest will also be a great example to our state officials and the nation on some of the positive aspects of firearm usage. We plan to reduce ignorance and negligence with respect to the functionality, purpose, and legal use of firearms. We hope that with enhanced experiences and real understanding, we can demonstrate to our community, elected officials in Maryland, and our nation that lawful gun ownership enhances our lives. Safe gun ownership is a pillar of the American way of life that we will protect and promote.


What is the range going to look like?

Here’s what we envision…


Shooting Lanes:



Our plan is to start out with 12 lanes. The building does allow for growth (up to 18 lanes!).

Each lane will have individual stalls, separating you from other shooters.  They are high quality, heavy-duty stalls. And yes, they are bulletproof!  Each lane will also have a shooter’s table to load your firearms/magazines to keep your stuff organized.  You will also have cubbies to hold the rest of your gear and gun racks for your rifles.

Target Systems:


The target retrieval systems are electronic systems allowing you to determine the length and reset your targets with a push of a button. No need to wait for a cease-fire to manually move your targets.



Ventilation System:


To be able to have clean air inside the range we need a powerful ventilation system that will ventilate the lead and other air-borne toxins. This is the most costly component of the range. Our customers’ health is not going to be compromised.


Our ventilation system will exceed NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards and maintain a 100% success rate in industrial hygiene by utilizing:


- A unique ceiling-mounted 180 degree air delivery system

- Digital and analog control systems which adapt to changing environmental conditions to maintain the required air velocities and building pressures

- A design which makes plenum walls obsolete


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Gun Shop:


Our gun shop will carry the latest and greatest rifles, pistols, shotguns, tools, accessories, supplies, and ammo.  We will have firearms available to purchase displayed for you along with all of our rentals.




Our range will be a destination. Whether you come by alone or with a group of friends and family, we want to have a place with a sense of community.  We will have comfy leather couches, big screen TV’s, and a pool table.


Class Rooms:


Our classrooms will hold up to 20 students each.  We plan to have weekly classes that range from first time classes up to instructor level courses.  So if you are just starting out or if you want to get more involved in the shooting industry, you can find the training you are looking for.



What guns can I rent/try at the range?

You’ll be able to shoot a wide rangeof firearms at The Machine Gun Nest.  We will have an assortment of pistols from Glock, Springfield, Ruger, Walther, and more.  Our rifle collection will range from older style firearms to modern day AR’s and AK-47s.  And for our most exciting machine gun rentals, you will be able to choose from sub-machine guns to belt-feds.  We will constantly be updating our rental inventory not only during this campaign but throughout the lifetime of the range.


Here are just a few examples: